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Launch of “Safe Speed, Save Lives” Campaign with AA Singapore

Here at Yeap Transport, safety is our top priority. In support of the UN Global Road Safety Week, we are honoured to partner the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)to launch the “Safe Speed Save Lives” campaign at UWC Dover campus. This campaign aims to raise awareness to drivers for the need to maintain low speeds in key zones with high foot traffic.

Globally, 3500 lives are lost in road crashes daily that are predictable and preventable. For every 24 seconds, one person is killed in a road traffic crash globally. This is far too heavy a price to pay for our essential mobility. There has also been an increase in the number of speeding-related accidents in Singapore. The Annual Traffic Statistics by the Traffic Police has cited a 28% increase in such accidents. Given such an increase, greater attention is required towards managing road safety. This is especially important given the demographic we are serving at Yeap Transport, which sees our buses often driving around residential and school zones.


This campaign aims to promote the concept of low-speed streets and to encourage drivers to keep their speed at 30km/h in high pedestrian traffic zones, which are aligned with our protocol that our Bus Captains follow daily. Additionally, the decals pasted on the bus not only serve as a reminder for our bus crew, but also to fellow drivers on the roads when they encounter our buses, thereby reinforcing safe driving behaviour.

Held at UWC Dover Campus, our CEO, Mr Adrian Yeap and the President of the Automobile Association of Singapore, Mr Bernard Tay, addressed our bus crew on site, reminding them about the importance of road safety and continued upskilling, through the webinars that were also part of the campaign. The event was also covered by media such as LianHe ZaoBao and CNA938 Live. 

Overall, this collaboration was an important milestone in our continued efforts to upkeep road safety among our bus crew. With regular reminders to remain vigilant, we hope to continue to keep all our riders safe.

This event was reported in  in Zaobao News. Please click here to read it.


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