The Heart of the Company

Driven by passion and dedication, our staff and crew go the extra mile to ensure that every rider our buses carry, is transported from point to point, safely and punctually. Our people are committed to providing a positive riding experience for all riders through vigilant supervision and high service standards.

Our drivers all have vocational licenses and are subject to stringent background checks before they are accepted as our crew. Thereafter, they  are properly onboarded on all safety and service procedures and undergo regular training to keep abreast of road safety guidelines. Drivers are assigned regular routes so that they are familiar with the directions and road conditions.

Our bus attendants are all ladies who are friendly, caring and approachable. Rest assured, your child is in good hands from when they board the bus until they alight, as our attendants will ensure that all passenger safety measures are adhered to.

Our attendants also undergo regular training on child safeguarding and service excellence so that they are better able to take note and flag any pastoral issues to the relevant parties concerned.

Our bus operations department comprises a team of experienced professionals who schedule the most optimised routes and journey times for each rider, ensure that bus operations for each campus are carried out seamlessly and strive to deliver the best service to all customers.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, our staff has been taught the importance of adhering to safe management protocols as mandated by the authorities. As front-liners, we have put in place business continuity measures to ensure that there are no disruption to our service. Please read about the details of our Covid-19 response here.