Yeap Transport Pte Ltd

We carry the future

Yeap Transport Pte Ltd

We carry the future

Yeap Transport Pte Ltd

We carry the future

Who we are ?

We are a Transport Management Company.

Adrian Yeap
Yeap Transport Pte Ltd is the leading School Bus Management contractor in Singapore.
Our Fleet of school buses serves premiere educational institutions in meeting their total transportation needs.

What people say?

For any school administrator who has had to deal with transportation on a large scale, I'm sure you can appreciate how valuable it is to have good service, high quality and professional people handling school bus transportation. If you are looking for the best transportation service in Singapore, I highly recommend (YTPL).

Dr Don Bergman, Superintendant
Singapore American School

What people say?

"Yeap provides us with valuable, personal, safe and responsive bus service for any students who choose to come to ISB by bus. The professionals at Yeap have worked with us to ensure that the needs of the customers are met in every way possible. Yeap's commitment to ISB has resulted in satisfied customers and a very good working relationship. We are happy to have Yeap as our bus service provider."

Thomas L. Hawkins, Head of School
International School of Beijing

Our Story

To be the best transport management company in Asia Pacific.
We aim to provide world class standards in school transportation through firm commitment to the four conerstones of our success by our Core Values.
We achieve this vision through "SIRS", an acronym for Safety first, continual Innovation, consistent Reliability and excellent customer Service.
Schools that we serve have commended us on our good safety record and excellent customer service.

Core Values

"Safety First" is "Safety Always."

Charles M. Hayes
Safety is our first priority and foremost concern. We continually strive for accident-free transportation and have achieved an impressive safety record of no accidents with serious injury for many years. To achieve this, we are committed to the following:
Our drivers and attendants are trained in the latest safety requirements and standards. They are also instructed in basic first aid and in responding to ad-hoc potential dangerous situations. To prevent driver fatigue, our drivers must have adequate rest before transporting pupils to and from schools.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs
We are consistently seeking to improve the quality of school transportation through innovative ideas and adoption of world-class standards in school transportation. Some of the features* of our buses are as follows:

Employ every economy consistent with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability.

Arthur C. Nielsen
We are known to be dependable and reliable in meeting all school transportation needs. Each day only ends when all riders are accounted for and have been safely transported to their desired locations.
In the event of unforeseen traffic conditions, we are committed to provide a contingency transport arrangement to enable our clients to reach their destinations in a timely manner. At the same time, using advanced technology such as internet access and/or short messaging via mobile phones, our team of experienced staff keeps the family of riders informed in a timely manner, of any unforeseen traffic conditions and delays once this information is available.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi
Our friendly and experienced staff is trained to take initiatives to resolve problems quickly and in a professional manner instead of simply forwarding them to the school administration.
Together with experienced, professional staff, and well proven / tested procedures, you know you can rely on us for all your transportation needs and much more.
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Singapore American School
40 Woodlands Street 41
Singapore 738547
Tel:+65 6360 6770
Fax: +65 6363 8501
E-Mail: SAS@yeaptpt.com

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ASA Bus Route Info ASA Street Map Info
Canadian International School
Tanjong Katong Campus
371 Tanjong Katong Campus
Singapore 437128
Tel:+65 8298 1903
Fax: +65 6316 3962
E-Mail: CISTK@yeaptpt.com

Lakeside Campus
7 Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 649414
Tel:+65 6316 1419 / +65 6316 2048
Fax: +65 6316 3962
E-Mail: CISLS@yeaptpt.com

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Melbourne Specialist International School
3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #08-04
Link@AMK Singapore 569139
Tel:+65 8822 5255
Fax: +65 6363 8501
E-Mail: MSIS@yeaptpt.com

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British Council (Tampines Centre)
3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #08-04
Link@AMK Singapore 569139
Tel:+65 8298 1903
Fax: +65 6781 0584
E-Mail: BC@yeaptpt.com

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United World College South East Asia
East Campus
1 Tampines Street 73
Singapore 528704
Tel:+65 6454 6439 / +65 6784 1575
Fax: +65 6871 0584
E-Mail: UWCbuseast@yeaptpt.com

Dover Campus
1207 Dover Road
Singapore 139654
Tel:+65 6872 3213
Fax: +65 6775 7236
E-Mail: UWCbusdover@yeaptpt.com

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White Lodge
3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #08-04
Link@AMK Singapore 569139
Tel:+65 8822 5255
Fax: +65 6363 8501
E-Mail: WL@yeaptpt.com

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Tel: +65 6360 6770
Fax: +65 6363 8501
E-Mail: Sales@yeaptpt.com
(Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm, except Singapore public and school holidays)

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